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Henryk M. Broder

22.09.2007   10:29   +Feedback

Yom Kippur in Washington DC

The holiday is the SuperBowl of the Jewish calendar. Even if you’re not a fan, you’re tuning into the game. In Washington, that means there’ll inevitably be a few public figures present in synagogue — possibly even sitting in the next row.
And true politicos aren’t the type to let a little something like religion get in the way of a good networking opportunity. In this town, after all, connections are currency and nailing the right meeting can be akin to a truly spiritual experience.
But hold on, anti-Semites, there’s no Zionist conspiracy afoot. That’s just how the matzoh crumbles: Like everywhere else in D.C., synagogue can be a place where Washingtonians gawk at our slew of political, media, and policy celebrities.

Und ansonsten ist es wie jedes Jahr:,7340,L-3451761,00.html

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