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19.11.2006   20:10   +Feedback

Holland bewegt sich

Burqa ban splits Holland
The Dutch government’s decision to ban the burqa in public places on security grounds has not only outraged Muslim groups but also prompted accusations of political opportunism from opposition figures.,,2089-2459993,00.html

Liberal Holland hits the cultural panic button
Until a few years ago the Dutch prided themselves on being the most tolerant, most progressive people on earth. If multiculturalism was going to work anywhere, it would be in Holland. That was the view, at any rate, of the intellectual elite which was by and large of a leftist disposition.,,2092-2459781,00.html

Dutch Muslims condemn burqa ban
Dutch Muslims have criticised a government proposal to ban women from wearing the burqa or veils which cover the face in public places.
Dutch Muslim groups say a ban would make the country’s one million Muslims feel victimised and alienated.

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