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Gary macht NICHT den Butler!

Gary Smith hat mich angerufen, um klar zu stellen, dass er die Diskussion zwischen Judith Butler und Micha Brumlik nicht moderieren wird. Über die Gründe wollte er sich nicht äußern. Nun geht die Suche nach einem Moderator bzw. Moderatorin weiter. Ich hätte da eine Idee: Wie wäre es mit Michael “Mike” Naumann, einem Freund des Hauses, der maßgeblich zur Gründung des Museums beigetragen hat?

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How completely insane this view is will be readily apparent to anyone who has ever glanced at the Hezbollah or Hamas Charters, and there is arguably a strong case to be made that somebody who is able to see anything “progressive” in groups that define themselves in the most reactionary religious terms and advocate an unbridled Jew-hatred should automatically be disqualified from winning a prize named after Adorno.

In recent years, the most unremitting criticism of Israel has come from Jewish intellectuals. These liberal Jews are more dangerous than the Islamists. Many of Israel’s worst enemies have indeed been, in William Blake’s words, “those of our own house and family”. Peter Beinart is another proof that Jews are just as capable of voicing anti-Semitic statements as non-Jews.

To many observers outside the academy, and to those inside it whose heads are screwed on properly, Butler is something of a joke.  In 1998 the scholarly journal Philosophy and Literature awarded her first prize in its Bad Writing Contest for an absurdly pretentious and impenetrable sentence in one of her articles.  I will do you the favor of not quoting that sentence (it’s here, if you’re feeling masochistic), but I will quote the erudite Denis Dutton, the contest’s late lamented founder, who pointed out that to try to make sense out of Butler’s sentence “is to miss the point”.


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