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Matthias Küntzel: Iran’s Obsession with the Jews -  Denying the Holocaust, desiring another one

On December 12, 2006, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad personally brought to a close the infamous Holocaust deniers’ conference in Tehran. A strange parade of speakers had passed across the podium: former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, the nutty followers of the anti-Zionist Jewish sect Neturei Karta, and officials of the neo-Nazi German National party, along with the familiar handful of professional Holocaust deniers. Frederick Töben had delivered a lecture entitled “The Holocaust—A Murder Weapon.” Frenchman Robert Faurisson had called the Holocaust a “fairy tale,” while his American colleague Veronica Clark had explained that “the Jews made money in Auschwitz.” A professor named McNally had declared that to regard the Holocaust as a fact is as ludicrous as believing in “magicians and witches.” Finally, the Belgian Leonardo Clerici had offered the following explanation in his capacity as a Muslim: “I believe that the value of metaphysics is greater than the value of history.”

If this motley crew had assembled in a pub in Melbourne, nobody would have paid the slightest attention. What gave the event historical significance was that it was held by invitation, at the Iranian foreign ministry: on government premises, in a country that disposes of the world’s second-largest oil reserves (after Saudi Arabia) and second-largest natural gas reserves (after Russia). And in this setting, the remarks quoted above provoked not dismissive laughter, but applause and attentive nods. On the walls hung photographs of corpses with the inscription “Myth,” and others of laughing concentration camp survivors with the inscription “Truth.”


Und hier unser Klassiker in Sachen “Wandel durch Annäherung”:  Gert Weisskirchen. Gestern erst hat er mehr Geld für den Kampf gegen Antisemitismus gefordert, heute fordert er “diplomatische Bemühungen im Atomstreit”:
“Zum Beginn der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz hat der außenpolitische Sprecher der SPD-Bundestagsfraktion, Gert Weisskirchen, an die EU-Staaten appelliert, sich weiter für diplomatische Bemühungen im Atomkonflikt zwischen den USA und Iran einzusetzen. Es gebe andere und bessere Möglichkeiten statt eines Militärschlags, sagte Weisskirchen im Deutschlandradio Kultur.”

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