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Das Schöne am Antisemitismus ist: Er verbindet Leute, die sonst nix gemeinsam haben.
Wenns gegen Juden geht, treten alle Differenzen zurück:

Western leftists, Islamists have nothing in common except disdain for Israel:
The global social movement of extreme
Islamists continues to work towards one of its main goals, the
de-legitimatization of Israel so to bring about its destruction, while also aiming to
usurp the global order and replace regimes throughout Islamic societies.
While this theocratic social movement carries on with its clearly
articulated genocidal objectives, Western human rights advocates and
progressives, especially in Western Europe, remain largely silent. How is it
that social democratic intellectuals and progressives are voiceless in
the face of theocratic, homophobic, sexist, anti-democratic racists, who
make unequivocal public genocidal statements, backed up with actions
consistent with this goal on the ground?,2506,L-3354891,00.html

Fuck France! Vote Le Pen!

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