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08.03.2007   14:47   +Feedback

Leon de Winter:  Is Europe willing to fight for anything, besides a welfare check?

Das ist die Lage:
“After two years of disastrous dialogue, and more of the same in recent days, we can conclude that no diplomatic initiative can stop Iran from getting the bomb. The International Atomic Energy Agency meets again this week to discuss the mullahs’ nuclear ambitions, while Russia floats a plan to get Iran to enrich uranium on its soil. But before we got to this point, we had the Europeans in the starring role. The foreign ministers of the leading European Union countries—Britain, France and Germany—did try for years to persuade Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions, most recently at Friday’s meeting in Vienna that ended up in yet another failure. But Iran knew all along that this threesome, formally the “Troika,” had no real negotiating authority and would never resort to serious measures.”

Und das sind die Folgen:
“Thanks to European illusions about soft power, the free world has two options left on Iran: disaster or catastrophe. America and Israel will bleed for Europe’s lack of conviction.”

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