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Leon de Winter:  Bram’s Trial

Seit Ayaan Hirsi Ali Holland verlassen hat, fehlt den Niederländern ein Sündenbock. Es scheint, als hätten sie einen gefunden: Abraham Moszkowicz, Rechtsanwalt, Lebemann und - Jude. Leon de Winter über eine Affäre mit einem seltsamen Beigeschmack:

Last Monday, Abraham Moszkowicz resigned as Willem Holleeder’s lawyer.

You may ask yourself: who are these guys?

Well, Bram - Abraham - is Holland’s no. 1 trial lawyer, and - beware! 
- one of my closest friends.

Holleeder I never met, but he was convicted for the kidnapping of
Alfred Heineken, the beer milliardaire, about 20 years ago. He was
sentenced and spent years in prison.

A year ago, Holleeder was arrested again, now being suspected of
extortion of Amsterdam real estate enterpreneurs. I did not know that
extorting real estate crooks was a crime, but apparently it is.

Bram is his lawyer for many years. Bram is brilliant. And the
Amsterdam District Attorney’s office apparently decided to play it dirty, this time. 
It leaked strange stories about Bram’s personal life the the media. 
It leaked suggestions that he was too close to Holleeder. Some weeks
ago a journalist said and wrote that Bam was a ‘maffia mate’ and that
he accepted criminal money from his clients.

Bram took the journalist to court, asked another lawyer to represent
his case, and - last Thursday he lost…

Last Monday, Bram gave a press conference, visited by a massive crowd
of journalists, Bram resigned from the case. His press conference was
live on TV on the main Dutch station for about an hour.

Bram is an absolute media phenomenon. He looks great, loves fancy
suits, drives an Aston Martin, and he is a devastating trial lawyer. 
He is also a loving, loyal friend to me.

You should know that he main witness in the court case against
Holleeder is a guy - considered to be the ‘banker of the Amsterdam
maffia’ - who was murdered two years ago. His stories are the
backbone of the DA’s case, but, as you may understand, he cannot be
called for cross examination… It is a complicated and absurd case, 
and it captures the imagination of the Dutch nation.

But Bram resigned. Which is a pity. And at the same time exciting
since Bram now wants to know who in the DA’s office played these
dirty tricks with him. So now we will have two cases: the case of the
DA against Holleeder, and the case of Bram against the DA.

I will keep you posted.

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