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05.04.2007   21:54   +Feedback

Leon de Winter: Dutch Liberals against the Koran

“Liberaal Reveil” (Liberal Dawn), the official magazine of the
think tank of the Dutch political party VVD - a slightly right of
center liberal party - today publishes a story about the necessity
to forbid the distribution and public reading of the Koran, the
holy book of Islam.

The author, H.S.M. Frankenvrij - a pseudonym - calls for muslim
editors to make a new version of the Koran without its aggressive
and intolerant paragraphs. ‘Frankenvrij’ describes the Koran as
‘primitive, without nuance, intolerant, aggressive and full of

The chairman of the advisory board of the magazine, professor
Heleen Dupuis, who herself is a member of the First Chamber of
Parliament for the VVD, told the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool
that she largely agrees with the article.

“Frankenvrij” (forthright and free) states that the Koran
functions as the psychological excitement mechanism for
fundamentalistic islamic terror. He asks why the Koran cannot be
forbidden. He says that the distribution and public reading of the
Koran should be considered a crime because those who distribute and
read the Koran call for discrimination and excitement. He wants to
have a civilized version of the Koran.

‘Liberaal Reveil’ is a publication of the ‘Telders Foundation’, the
think tank of the VVD, and as such an established party magazine, 
but it follows its own editorial course, professor Dupuis stated.
No, this is not a joke - it truly happened in Holland today. Anyone
wants to predict what will happen?

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