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The Spirit of Democracy, Peace and Hamas

Hamas, the dominant faction in the Palestinian government, is building its military capacity in the Gaza Strip, constructing tunnels and underground bunkers and smuggling in ground-to-air missiles and military-grade explosives, senior Israeli officials say.
The officials, including a top military commander who spoke in an interview on Friday, said that Hamas had learned tactics from Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group, which brought in and stored thousands of rockets in bunkers near the northern Israeli border before its war with Israel last summer.
It is the most effective government we have ever had. It is the most democratic and progressive platform on issues of women, welfare and health, social rights and social justice. I hope that in the issue of education it will be neutral. There should be no influence of any ideology in the education system. It actually is one of the most progressive programs in the whole region. It is also the most representative government. I hope this is seen as a golden opportunity to promote democracy, peace and stability in the Middle East.,1518,druck-474870,00.html

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