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20.08.2007   22:40   +Feedback

Phyllis Chesler: Iran has to be stopped

“Once you stand up for Jews and for Israel, and once you tell the truth about Islam – and that includes the mistreatment of women and independent thought under Islam – you are branded a racist, a neo-conservative reactionary, a right-wing nut. You have liberal Jews, feminists, who care more about the right to an abortion than the right not to have a second Holocaust… One of the things I speak and write about is the war of ideas, the cultural war. It is a propaganda war and I don’t understand why the West – and now it’s bigger than the Jews, it’s bigger than the Israelis – why the West is not winning this war. One answer is that the West to some extent has been hijacked by its own beliefs about poverty justifying terrorism. Misery, which is presumably caused by America and Israel, supposedly leads to terrorism – as if Bin Laden is poor or as if the 9/11 hijackers were uneducated, illiterate, poor men, which of course is not the case.”


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