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Henryk M. Broder

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Das Schwulen-Paradies

Glaubt man dem iranischen Präsidenten M.A., so gibt es im Iran keine Homosexuellen und keine Homosexualität. Auch in Saudi-Arabien gibt es offiziell keine Homosexualität, dafür umso mehr Homosexuelle.

This legal and public condemnation notwithstanding, the kingdom leaves considerable space for homosexual behavior. As long as gays and lesbians maintain a public front of obeisance to Wahhabist norms, they are left to do what they want in private. Vibrant communities of men who enjoy sex with other men can be found in cosmopolitan cities like Jeddah and Riyadh. They meet in schools, in cafés, in the streets, and on the Internet. “You can be cruised anywhere in Saudi Arabia, any time of the day,” said Radwan, a 42-year-old gay Saudi American who grew up in various Western cities and now lives in Jeddah. “They’re quite shameless about it.” Talal, a Syrian who moved to Riyadh in 2000, calls the Saudi capital a “gay heaven.”

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