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Hamas bombt sich frei

Melanie Phillips: Genocide with jam on it
The only reason there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is because the people who control it are waging a war of extermination against Israel. Israel is accused of blocking the border so that Gazans are unemployed. For goodness sake, what do these ‘human rights’ agencies want — genocide with jam on it? The people who are responsible for Gaza’s misery are the gunmen and rocket firers of Hamas

Yaacov Lozowick: A Moderate Palestinian

What Hamas Wants
For Hamas and its sympathizers, blood is dirt cheap, especially the blood of their own children. For Hamas, a dead Arab child is but an insignificant price to pay, a trifle, for a momentary propaganda victory. Demonizing “Zionists” has become a holy pursuit that is more important than creating a real Palestinian state, and perhaps of greater value than life itself.

Ashkelon, Sderot residents file 1,000 damage claims over recent rocket attacks

Soldier killed, three others hurt in attack on IDF jeep near Gaza border

Watching Rockets, Sipping Coffee
Sometimes a hundred of these crude two-metre rockets land on the little university town in a month—but only rarely do they cause casualties. On Wednesday, Hamas militants fired 40 Qassams, an expression of anger at an Israeli air assault in Khan Younis early in the morning that had killed five of Hamas’s “best fighters.”

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