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25.04.2008   08:05   +Feedback

Die jüdisch-arabische Verschwörung

Ein jüdischer Zionist und ein arabischer Antizionist machen gemeinsam einen Blog. Hier erfahren Sie, wie so was passieren konnte:

Some of you will be aware of the blog I’ve been writing these past 8 months or so. One of the readers is an Arab who calls himself Ibrahim ibn Yusuf, and lives in Argentina. For a while now he has been leaving comments on the blog, and arguing with some of the other readers. Eventually I decided to offer him that instead of arguing in the comments, we should set up a joint blog, authored by both of us.
So far as I know, this will be a unique experiment. Ibn Yusuf and I are not friends. We are not seeking bridges for peace. I am not one of those Israelis who seek dialogue with Palestinians based on an acceptance of Israel’s crimes. While I am very aware of many of Israel’s deficiencies and weaknesses, I am a proud Zionist. Ibrahim, meanwhile, says of himself that “He believes the creation of Israel as a Jewish state to be a major, but reversible, historical mistake.” Yet both of us are willing to engage in civil dialogue, and our blog will be an experiment of enemies talking with one another.
We also both seem to have a sense of humor, and we’ve titled our blog Judeo-Arab Conspiracy. You can find us here.
I do not know what dynamic will develop at the blog, but it seems to me that the more people from my side who visit and comment, the better. So the more people you pass this on to, the merrier.


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