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Juden, hört die Signale!

In addition to stone-throwings and on one occasion, the egging of Chabad House, verbal assaults have been mounted against the Jewish community by telephone. “We received phone calls in which people accused us of killing innocent people,” Raskin said. “I tried to explain to them that we are a Jewish educational organization and that we have nothing to do with the Israeli government.”

“Every day it gets worse,” Sheila continued. “My parents told me that a shopkeeper near one of the Jewish neighborhoods, where my grandparents live, put a sign in the window of his store that said, ‘No Jews allowed, but dogs are welcome.’ “Even when my parents go to buy a phone card to call me, they get harassed by the shopkeepers the minute they say they’re trying to make a call to Israel.”

“The control of America, just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money and if Jewish money controls their country then you cannot expect anything else.”

The grandchildren of Holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany.

Next came Richard Falk, University of California, Santa Barbara Professor of Global and International Studies and 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Falk is the newly created UN “Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories” and was recently denied entry into Israel for his biased and morally repugnant statements. He declared Gaza an “unequal war,” as if Hamas’s ineptitude should be treated as the war equivalent of affirmative action. Falk described Hamas’s daily firing of into Israel as “wrong, imprudent, and immoral,” but added that “the rockets did little damage, and were not a significant threat.” He alleged “Israeli aggression against a defenseless society,” moments after justifying rockets.

It’s “completely false” to compare an attack from Mexico — or, for that matter, Canada — with the spectacle of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel, noted English Professor Saree Makdisi, an expert on the Israel-Palestine conflict, at a Jan. 21 symposium on campus. “In the analogy, it’s never pointed out that we, of course, do not occupy Tijuana or Ottawa.”

Unser Landesvorstand hat z.B. den Aufruf zu der Demonstration am 17.?Januar nicht unterstützt, weil in ihm eine einseitige Parteinahme für die Menschen in Gaza gefordert und kein Wort über die Verantwortung der Hamas verloren wurde. Wenn Menschen dennoch eine solche Demon­stra­tion besuchen, dann müssen sie deutlich klarstellen, wie sie zu den dort geäußerten Positionen stehen. Wenn ein Transparent zu sehen ist, auf dem ein Davidstern mit dem Wort »Nazis« gleichgesetzt wird, und dahinter wehen die Fahnen der Linkspartei, ist das unerträglich. Da gibt es für mich nichts zu diskutieren.

A group of unidentified assailants overpowered security guards and vandalized a synagogue here early Saturday morning, the latest in a series of episodes aimed at Jewish institutions since Venezuela’s recent expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and the severing of diplomatic ties with Israel to protest the war in Gaza.,7340,L-3664599,00.html

Some 100 acts targeting Jews were reported in France since Israel launched Operation Cast Leadagainst Gaza’s Hamas Islamist rulers in late December, said the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France.,7340,L-3664563,00.html

According to a legal source in Madrid, Justice Fernando Andeo decided to grant the petition filed by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights “in the name of universal justice,” which Spain recognizes in all matters pertaining to crimes against humanity and genocide.,7340,L-3664585,00.html

“If I am proved correct,” he said, “the Germans will call me a German, the Swiss will call me a Swiss citizen, and the French will call me a great scientist. If relativity is proved wrong, the French will call me a Swiss, the Swiss will call me a German, and the Germans will call me a Jew.”

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