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Henryk M. Broder

23.03.2010   14:49   +Feedback

The Benevolent Intellectual And The Spirit of Sharia

Islam – or, as some prefer to say, Islamism – is on the march, though it is employing different means from those that the Communists used.  On the one hand there is the demographic weapon that is now changing the face of Europe, as seen in the debates about the construction of minarets and the wearing of burkas; on the other hand, there is an ideology that many enlightened people, especially intellectuals, find quite attractive, not despite but because of its simplicity: the world is bad, and we want to and will make it better.  We know how to do it. If you’re not with us, you’re against us. Your choice.
There are even people who are volunteering for service. Not to stand athwart the oncoming superpower, which would be dangerous, but to show it the way, just as a pilot guides a ship into port. Among these people are intelligent and educated individuals who could not be seduced by slick ad slogans to buy a flat-screen TV or tempted by last-minute deals for Caribbean vacations, but who are now succumbing to the charms of a new totalitarianism.

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